Firstly, an admission that this blog isn’t going to be about accountancy or accounts in any way, try not to be too disappointed!

We want this blog to not only inform about accountancy matters, but also to give an insight into the people behind the suits, and what we do outside of counting beans.

Recently there has been a social media campaign involving the England Rugby team to promote the donating of blood (luckily they all now have some time on their hands to donate a few pints!!)

I only started giving blood last year, mainly because I had been nominated to do the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’ and I didn’t want to get cold and wet, so I decided to do something different.

I was a bit nervous about the first time, I am not scared of needles, but when you hear that people faint when giving blood there is always the step into the unknown, not knowing how your body will react. You also get to find out your blood type (I had gone 31 years without knowing mine!). There are some very rare blood types, but A+ is apparently my blood of choice, which makes me exceptionally average.

Luckily I was absolutely fine, and made it all the way through to have a lovely cup of tea and a biscuit brought to me whilst I had a 5 minute sit down…I don’t even get treated that well at home!!

After my first donation I must admit that I regretted not having done so previously as it is such a simple process and it genuinely does save people’s lives. I turned up at 18:45 for my appointment, and within 35 minutes I am finished and on my way home, so there is such a small time commitment it is barely noticeable.

If you don’t currently give blood, and are eligible to (check http://www.blood.co.uk/donor-information/make-sure-you-can-give/ ) why not go online and book yourself on to the next session near you?

Luckily you are able to nominate other people to join you, so Andy might find himself on the next session with me…watch this space!