Common client complaints

"I don’t get up to date information, the accounts I receive are 20 months after the start of my year!"

"I never see my accountant!"

"I always receive a big annual invoice at the same time my tax is due!"

"Every time I speak to my accountant I get landed with a bill!"

"My accountant assumes that I know everything that they know."

"My accountant never asks me any questions"

Our services

We want to provide real-time and accurate financial information, which has been prepared during the year, not after it.

We provide as many meetings with you as you want, at a time and place that suits you.

We offer payment by standing order, and a fixed fee which is agreed before the work commences.


Our quote includes an element of general communication. We want you to speak to us so we understand your business.

We will offer jargon-free advice in plain English.


We will ask questions to ensure we have a full understanding of your business.